Singapore Badminton School
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Talent Development Scheme

Besides actively promoting local badminton activities, we are always looking out for players with potential to further nurturing and grooming their inherent talent and bring them to the next level.

Singapore Badminton School Coaching Services

Singapore Badminton School offers professional coaching services for the public, namely the Beginner class, Intermediate class and Elite class respectively. All classes are conducted by experienced professional full-time coaches. We strive to train players at their young age by providing well-developed training programs to build a strong foundation for their future development. We also aim to attract and train players who are passionate in this sport and desire to be on top of their individual league. We shall help them to excel beyond their limits.

In the form of group trainings, players will have the opportunity to observe and learn from the movements and actions of the senior players in order to learn the correct moves.

MOE Schools Badminton Coaching Services

Singapore Badminton School values the development of badminton(CCA) in schools. We strive to implement systematic and comprehensive trainings that cater to different individuals in schools. With the relentless efforts from the schools, parents and players themselves, we enjoyed huge successes in the National Inter-school Games for consecutive seasons.

Besides improving the standard of the school teams, we also focus on the imparting of good personalities, mental and physical abilities. Using badminton as a platform to cultivate the correct moral values as well as enhancing the correct attitude towards life.

Development Prospect of Singapore Badminton School Players