Singapore Badminton School
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Parent/Guardian Information

Application Notice:

  1. Submit your application by our website, please note that we only accept application with standard passport photo
  2. After we receive the application, wait for us to contact you to arrange an interview venue and time
  3. Fee:
    $250 4 lessons / month
    $400 8 lessons / month
  4. Application fee: $100
  5. 1 set of Training uniform: $70

Training Timings


  • Weekdays
  • Tuesday/Wednesday (Group training)
  • 5PM to 7PM(T)
  • Friday (Group training)
  • 3PM to 5PM, 5PM to 7PM(S)
  • Thursday/Friday ( One to one session )
  • 2PM to 4PM(T) / 4PM to 6PM(T)
  • Weekends
  • Saturday   (Group training)
  • 9AM to 11AM, 11AM to 1PM(S)
  • 1PM  to  3PM,   3PM to 5PM(S)
  • 10AM to 12PM(T)
  • 12PM to 2PM,  2PM to 4PM(B)
  • Sunday   (Group training)
  • 9AM to 11AM, 11AM to 1PM(S)
  • 1PM to 3PM,   3PM to 5PM(S)
  • 2PM to 4PM,   4PM to 6PM(T)




  • Sunday   (Group training)
  • 10AM to 12PM(C)
  • 2PM to 4PM, 4PM to 6PM(U