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CV (Zhang Qing Song):

  • - Former Outstanding Coach from China/ Former SBA head coach
  • - Attained Singapore NACP Technical Level 3 Recognition(Senior Coaches Certification)
  • - Coaching experiences from year 1984 to date
  • Coaching Contributions Highlights:
    • Chen     Hong(Best Result), Former World No 1 Men's Single and All England Open Champion(China National Team)
    • Lin           Dan(Best Result), Multiple Time Men's Single Olympic and World Champion(China National Team)
    • Liang Xiao Yu(Best Result), Thailand Open Grand Prix Gold Runner Up and Malaysia International Challenge Champion(Current Top Female Single Player in Singapore National Team)

Working Experiences Highlights:

  • - Professional Full-Time Badminton Player in China Fujian Provincial Badminton Team
  • - Professional Full-Time Badminton Player in China National Badminton Team
  • - Chief Coach of China Fujian Provincial Sports School Badminton Team
  • - Consultant of China Fujian Badminton Association Technical Committee
  • - Chief Coach of Singapore National Team and Men's Full-Time Team
  • - Chief Coach of Singapore Youth National Badminton Team(Men's Team)
  • - Chief Coach of Singapore Ministry of Education - Junior Sports Academy Badminton Programme
  • - Conducted on behalf SBA, Coaching Course for Ministry of Education Primary and Secondary School Teachers
  • - Chief Coach of Singapore F&N Youth Training Programme
  • - Chief Coach of Singapore SPEX 2000 Youth Training Programme
  • - Founder/Chief Coach of Singapore Badminton School

Mr Zhang Qing Song, former chief coach of Singapore National Badminton Squad, founded Singapore Badminton School in year 1999. The badminton school achieved national and international recognition under the delicate management of Mr Zhang and team, who has nurtured many home grown and foreign badminton talents.

Over the years, more than 40 players have been invited to join Singapore National Badminton Team. Our elite players have achieved many accolades in both national and international level. Through our comprehensive and organized training programmes, our team of professional coaches is ever ready to lead a perennial talent pool to impart their skills and experiences and extract their fullest potential in the sport of badminton.


To Promote Local Badminton Development


To nurture and groom

  • Badminton talents for Singapore
  • Sport elites who excel in all dimensions
  • Integrity and remarkable sporting spirit